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  • I was born in Prince Rupert, BC.

  • I love fly fishing, camping, and being outside.

  • I live in Westmount with my wife, Sydney, and our Golden Retriever, Duke.

  • I have 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister.

  • When I was little, I wanted to be a Conservation Officer when I grew up.

  • My favourite thing to buy is outdoor gear; I have a wide knowledge of jackets!

  • Although I get frustrated, I'm known to let things roll off my back easily.

  • My favourite place to dine in Edmonton is Nuovo Bistro on 124 Street.

  • I love spending Sundays watching football.

  • My friends and I play a lot of pick-up basketball.

  • I take pride in cooking steak.

  • My dream place to live would be the big island in Hawaii.

  • My comfort show is The Office.

  • Although my wife and I both grew up on the Island, we honeymooned in Victoria and did all the tourist things.

  • Tom Brady is my favourite athlete.

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